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Dark Pattern - Defaults

“A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.” - Brignull, 2010

Instead, aim to build a positive relationship between your brand and your users. If you want to change user behaviors, do it with their consent. Great onboardings are hard, but please don’t go to the dark ‘sneaky’ design side.

it's almost unanimous... omega-3 is good for you. I'm 33 (getting olllddd!) So I need to get on that train...

After a few research, Jamieson seemed like a good fit... My psych is up, I'm now ready to buy!

After 30 sec of confusion...

Status Quo Bias

We tend not to change an established behavior, unless the incentive to change is compelling

The 5-15% discount might be compelling enough for people to onboard this new "subscription" model, and change their behavior.

Wait... what? Subscribe now?

wow... Amazon just unleashed "recurring" product subscriptions... by default!

...at that point, how do I get the 15% discount? {tap}

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Remove Mental Barriers

Reducing the uncertainties in people's mind before they ask the questions is the best way to increase conversions.

For your product, barriers can be a bit more complex than "Can I easily cancel?".

But if you work closely with your sales & marketing team to understand what are the recurring client questions, you'll get better results!

Reward Power Usage

We've seen how variable rewards can impact people's immediate behavior*.

Moreover, if you want people to stick to your product in the long run, think about how you can reward behaviors that represent a higher level of commitment to your platform.

However, in this case, we could argue that encouraging more consumption isn't desirable.

*See Calm Case Study

Ahhh... of course!

you need at least 5 "auto-deliveries" per month to get a greater discount...

Cancel anytime, plus a friendly reminder before delivery...

well played amazon! that's Reassuring!

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Social Proofing To Reduce Cognitive Load

To guide a decision, show social validation by providing visibility into the outcomes of other users' behaviors.

By writing (Most Common) next to the delivery period cycle, it reduces the cognitive effort users usually do to calculate how often they would need this product.

⚠️ Beware: Make sure the delivery cycle matches the need for the product. In this case, 2 months for 180 pills (1-3pills/day) is on the fence!

Now... how often should I get the supplements?

wait... what did they do here?

Despite all those tricks, I was so shocked at first, that my psych was too low to buy...!

Before you go... Download the Amazon Summary here... One more thing ➡️


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